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Blaine Bartlett is an international best selling author, thought leader, professor, and keynote speaker. He is CEO of Avatar Resources, a consulting firm with a global presence that he founded in 1987. Over a career spanning almost four decades he has had the opportunity to impact nearly a million individuals and has observed first hand what business has done as well as recognizing what it is capable of providing. Blaine works internationally and regularly speaks to businesses, universities and global conferences on the future of business and leadership. Through his work and life he embodies the position that the future of business is making the future its business. 
David Meltzer is currently the CEO at Sports 1 Marketing, a global marketing agency he co-founded with Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon. Sports 1 Marketing leverages over $20 billion in relationship capital and works with the world’s biggest athletes, brands, and sporting events. As a Forbes Top Ten Keynote speaker and best-selling author Dave combines situational knowledge from his career and life journey and speaks internationally to Fortune 500 companies and top business conferences, prestigious universities, and sports seminars. He has positively affected hundreds of thousands of people through his speaking engagements, book, and life coaching.
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